Central Point SD creates student video celebrating ‘Promise’

The Central Point School District has embraced “The Promise of Oregon” campaign by creating the first in a series of “Promise” student videos.

The video was officially unveiled Sept. 2 at an all-staff in-service known as the “District 6 Extravaganza.” Featured speaker at the event was 2002 Crater High School graduate Sarah Pool, the founder and CEO of Pacific Superfood Snacks.

Superintendent Samantha Steele said the primary purpose of the extravaganza was “to focus on our students and build enthusiasm for the work we do as a public school.”

In the new video, which is to be followed by separate “Promise” videos from each of the district’s schools, students describe aspirations such as “my hope is to someday be a sports marketer,” “I want to be someone’s role model,” and “when I get older I’m going to plant trees.”

Others said:

  • “I plan on going to college to get my degree in mechanical engineering…that is why I’m the Promise of Oregon.”
  • “I want to be a computer scientist or an engineer when I grow up…that’s why I’m the Promise of Oregon.”

The district has also posted video highlights from the extravaganza on Facebook here.