Eight selected for new Promise Scholarship program

Seven districts and one education service district (ESD) have been selected to participate in a pilot OSBA program that will reward board development actions with scholarship funds for students.

Under the Promise Scholarship Program, eight boards selected by OSBA from among applicants will receive $5,000 each in student scholarship funds by completing a five-step process that includes a board project, superintendent and board self-evaluations, participation in “The Promise of Oregon” campaign, and individual board member development (or a second board project).

The eight participants are Athena-Weston, Baker, Jefferson, Lake County, North Santiam, Philomath, Nyssa, and Multnomah ESD.

“We see this as an opportunity for Oregon students to gain in two ways,” said Steve Kelley, OSBA’s director of board development. “First, by local school boards sharpening their skill sets and gaining knowledge, and secondly by financially assisting students pursuing advanced degrees.”

Program requirements must be completed by Dec. 15, 2016, and scholarship funds will be released in January 2017. Selected boards will be responsible for awarding student scholarships.