‘Promise’ video subject gains admittance to Stanford

The first student profiled in a feature video as part of “The Promise of Oregon” campaign has achieved a milestone in her academic career by being admitted to prestigious Stanford University.

In the video, released in February 2015, Roosevelt High School (Portland Public Schools) student Torrie Eagle Staff describes how cycles of alcoholism and diabetes have taken a toll on Native Americans, and in particular on her family. But she has refused to buckle in, maintaining top grades while staying involved in student government and her school’s basketball team.

In the video, Torrie discusses how she wants to inspire other Native Americans. She also names Stanford as her top university choice. The university is among the most difficult in the country to attend – only about 1 in every 20 applicants is accepted.

Torrie included a copy of the video itself in her application materials to Stanford.

“I believe the video helped a lot, and it was an amazing experience that often reminded me of my goals,” Torrie says.