Tough winter, brutal history play role in Warm Springs school attendance: Guest opinion

Families flocked to a back-to-school event at Warm Springs Academy in early September 2014. Parents like Effie Goodlance, who grew up in Warm Springs and now sends her kids to the school, want their children to attend regularly and on time. But there are challenges, including weather and unreliable cars. A pilot effort to help lower those barriers is entering its second year. (Alyssa Macy/Confederated Tribes of the Warm Springs)

How 1 Oregon school district gets exceptional results

Chloe McLeod, left, and Crystal Rodriguez, took part in McMinnville schools’ free summer school program for rising third-graders, designed to give pupils the reinforcement and enrichment to start third-grade strong. Both girls are now fourth-graders in Oregon’s top-performing large or mid-sized district for low-income and Latino students. Photo by Laurie Fry / McMinnville schools (Laurie Fry / McMinnville School District)

Tim Nesbitt: Raising Oregon’s graduation rates, one ninth grader at a time

Elementary school is important, writes columnist Tim Nesbitt. And interventions in high school to help students graduate can work, too. “Still, ninth grade is not only where we lose kids in our K-12 system, but where, after a bad year, it becomes much harder to get them back on track.”(Mike Zacchino/Staff)