Jefferson High School puts ‘Lions in Lights’

The Jefferson School District is encouraging students at Jefferson High to dream bigger by highlighting their accomplishments through the “Lions in Lights” program.

By filling out a Promise Program tablet template, Jefferson has shown how it is boosting student achievement by featuring “projects, performances, school-supported activities and athletics, and community-supported activities” during a one-night celebration each April.

Kaye Jones, a Jefferson School Board member (and member of the OSBA Board of Directors) said she asked teachers to fill out the template in part “because I really want to affect our legislators.”

“I want them to know we do really good things with what they give us, and we wish they would give us more,” Jones said.

Through this year and into 2017, the Promise campaign is gathering such examples of how public schools are changing students’ lives, and how by dreaming bigger we can ensure that Oregon students reach their full potential. These examples will be shared with Oregon legislators and other education leaders.

Want to share your own example of a Promise Program today? Get started here. You can also see a copy of Jefferson’s tablet here.