New video debuts: What makes Oregon, Oregon?

A new video highlighting the need to adequately invest in Oregon’s K-12 public schools debuted here today.

For too long, Oregon’s public schools have been underfunded. Ultimately that hurts all of us. This new video, using stunning videography of Oregon’s natural beauty and images from schools around the state, cements the ties between our shared values as Oregonians and the need to invest in the next generation.

Never has this issue been more relevant: Today, as the state faces a $1.8 billion budget shortfall, legislators are again considering underfunding public schools. The gap between what is being proposed and what school business officials say is needed stands at between $400 million and $600 million. That amount is just to maintain current service levels – significantly more is needed to begin meaningful changes to address dropout rates, class sizes, and create more robust academic and career offerings.

The gap also points to the need for comprehensive revenue reform in Oregon. At the video’s conclusion, viewers are urged to contact legislators. Take this opportunity to ensure that we invest in our young people so they can reach their potential.