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To the 78th Legislative Assembly of Oregon:

We, the undersigned Oregonians, urge the Legislative Assembly to fulfill “The Promise of Oregon” by making the needed investment in our public schools and our schoolchildren.

As Oregonians, we value the quality of our public education system. We know that for our state to thrive we must invest in our children and our public education system. School districts across Oregon have faced financial uncertainty for far too long. Our schoolchildren have paid the price through larger class sizes, fewer school days and less robust curriculum offerings. This downward spiral must stop – now.  It is time to fulfill our promise to our most precious resource — our children! They deserve every opportunity to succeed and be college- and career-ready. Ensuring that Oregon is a thriving and vibrant place to live and work requires a significant investment in our public schools.

We need to reverse recent trends and invest in our future. We are asking that legislators join with us and keep our “promise” to our children by providing a high-quality public education that will allow them to compete in the 21st century world economy. A significant investment in our schools is a necessary step toward meeting our goal of 40-40-20 by 2025. Let’s invest so that schools can lower class sizes, provide a full school year and reinstate programs that were eliminated during the recent economic recession. Our children deserve to have their “promise” fulfilled!


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